the hayley

Yeah, this is the month!

I am a famous procrastinator. Or I wish I were anyway. Definitely a procrastinator though.

First was the procrastination over picking the perfect name. For the record, "the hayley" was a choice from early on, but felt far too egotistical. I was tossing around different variations of my name. I was also shocked at how many variations were taken.

Eventually, I realized that "the hayley" was my favorite pick, but that I was looking for someone to tell me that it was okay to use something so egotistical. And once I realized that, I decided that I didn't need anyone's validation.

Next problem: the technology.

Middleman has basically become my go-to tool for site building (except for that month I lost to trying to become an awesome node.js programmer).

I default to Middleman because I don't have to worry about hosting costs (Amazon S3 costs pennies) and I don't have to worry (as much) about security or optimization because everything gets built locally. I even continue to build things like Earthquakes Today and Cyclocane (hurricane tracker) in Middleman because there isn't a real great reason to (both sites used to be updated via shell scripts and an s3 sync command, now the former runs on Heroku's Cedar Stack and updates a temp file locally).

But I haven't built a blog hybrid site in Middleman yet, so my procrastination then became about not having a site ready to go.

Even as I write this, I don't have the technology sorted out, I just figure I'll create some bare bones MVP later tonight.

So yeah, this is the month. I'm gonna finally launch the site (no matter how ugly!). This is the month I start writing programming how-tos as a future-note-to-myself for when I inevitably become an amnesiac programmer again and forget everything I've learned.

Yeah. Famous last words?

the hayley